In February 2021, another Professional Development Program was implemented by Holísticos and aimed at final year students and recent graduates in the areas of environmental engineering and biodiversity. Four trainees participated in this program, which had a workload of 360 hours and focused on topics related to the development of environmental impact studies and environmental audits, as well as the elaboration of waste management plans. Trainees have the opportunity to participate in online classes and other events relevant to their professional development

For the first time and as a result of the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, this program was fully developed in a virtual manner, presenting new challenges for Holísticos' employees and trainees. These challenges will be transformed into lessons learned to improve the next Professional Development Program that is scheduled to start in May 2021, including the realization of more practical activities, a greater stimulus for group work and the accomplishment of different tasks. Since the beginning of this action in 2009, more than 100 trainees have completed the Professional Development Program.